Blue Conservation provides on-call service as well as routine maintenance for tankless water heaters, high-efficiency boilers and combi-boilers in the Mid-Atlantic region, including Philadelphia, Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and parts of Maryland. Pennsylvania Contractor #PA099038. We service all major tankless makes and models and specialize in Rinnai, Navien, A.O. Smith / Takagi, Noritz, Jacuzzi, Weil McClain, Rheem and Bosch.

For tankless water heaters, manufacturers recommend preventative maintenance service every 18 to 24 months, and for non-condensing models an additional top-down combustion clean-out is recommended every four years. 

Boilers get more use, so preventative maintenance service for boilers should happen on an annual basis (every 12 months).

We carry spare parts kits for most Rinnai and Navien systems.

The Benefits of Planned Maintenance for your The Benefits of Planned Maintenance for your Tankless Heater, Boiler or Combi-Boiler

Blue Conservation wants you to maximize the lifetime value of your tankless water heater, boiler or combi-boiler, and routine maintenance is a key component to securing maximum efficiency over the long term. 

Remember, with proper maintenance, your tankless equipment is expected to last twice as long as a standard unit.  Following the manufacturer’s recommendations for preventative maintenance also preserves the warranty and minimizes costly, unplanned disruptions to your water service.

What service is required for tankless water heaters?

The ease with which tankless water heater equipment is serviced and the lifespan of the equipment unit, with proper maintenance, contribute to the decision to purchase a tankless water heater. Maintenance for tankless hot water heaters varies by manufacturer and model, but typically a routine service every 18 months is sufficient.

However, the time between necessary maintenance depends on the water quality in your home and your usage.

When it is time for routine tankless service, these are the primary tasks:

Clean the In-line screen filter

The in-line screen filter should be checked periodically for debris and cleaned to prevent buildup that will clog the filter and reduce performance.  



The unit should be flushed periodically to keep it free of scale and lime. Buildup of scale and lime, if left unchecked, will  shorten the water heater’s lifespan over time.

Combustion Clean-out (non-condensing units)

A top-down combustion clean-out for non-condensing units should be scheduled every four  years. 

When Unplanned Maintenance for your Tankless Heater, Boiler or Combi-Boiler is Required

Sometimes it happens: something goes wrong. It may be a minor inconvenience or a major hit to your commercial business operation. In either case, you want to call on a knowledgeable team who will respond quickly to efficiently diagnose, troubleshoot and repair your equipment.    


How to tell if your tankless water heater needs additional service? 

If you are experiencing any of the following, contact your service provider:


  • Slow water heating, pressure or circulation not resulting from your utility company’s operation
  • Discoloration of the water
  • Loud noises
  • Leakage or pooling of water around the outside of your unit
  • An error code.
  • Your equipment stops working 🙂

System Auditing and Consulting Services

If you are concerned that your residential or commercial tankless water heater, boiler or combi-boiler equipment wasn’t installed properly, you can reach out to Blue Conservation’s auditing and consulting services team. We will discuss your concerns and provide a quote to assess the root cause (a component part or installation issue), provide troubleshooting to fix the problem, and/or recommend options when more extensive repairs are required.

It’s easier and more cost-effective to request a tankless equipment consultation prior to the installation. Reach out to us for general tankless equipment questions, or to review design plans, including mechanical and gas/electrical connections, and to assess ventilation and drainage.

I have a Tankless Water Heater or Boiler Code. What Do I Do Now?

The sudden loss of hot water to your home or business may be a minor nuisance, but if you’re in the shower or operate a business that depends on hot water, the loss of hot water is a major concern.  And it can be a costly one if your business or a portion of it must close, even if it’s just for a short while.   That’s why we strongly recommend routine planned service, but for those times when life doesn’t go according to plan, we also offer on-call service. If you’re comfortable around mechanical equipment, some common error codes can be resolved very quickly.  The following is a handy reference. Locate your manufacturer and equipment model, find the error code and consider the remedy shown.

  • IMPORTANT: Please turn off power (fuel or electric) to the equipment prior to attempting repairs.
This is not a comprehensive list. If you do not see your error code, the repair may require additional expertise to troubleshoot or require a replacement part. Contact Blue Conservation for assistance. We stock parts for our most popular Rinnai and Navien units.

Please have your warranty information available.

Common Tankless Water Heater & Boiler Error Codes

This is not a comprehensive list. Error codes are for educational purposes only, and are not a substitute for professional assistance. 

Manufacturer & Models:

● Rinnai: 
Super High Efficiency: RSC Model Series, RUR Model Series, RU Model Series, RUCS Model Series, RUS Model Series
High Efficiency: RL Model Series, RLX Model Series, V Model Series, RE/REP Series
Hybrid: CHS Series
● Navien Models: 
Tankless Water Heaters: CR / NR / NP / NPE / NPE‑A2 / NPE‑S2 / NPN‑U / NPN‑E
Combi-Boilers: CH / NCB / NCB‑H / NFC‑H
Boilers: NFB‑H / NHB / NFB‑C
● AO Smith: 
Gas Tankless Water Heater Models: AT-HX3, ATI-C, AT-0H-N, AT-P-N, AT-U, AT-H-N, ATIO-N, ATIO-AN, AT-H-P, AT-P-P, ATIO-P, ATIO-AP
Combi Boiler Water Heater Models: ACB-H, ACB-S,
Electric Tankless Water Heater Models: R4MA-320E, R4LA, R2VA, C4MA-320E, C4LA, C2VA
● Takagi : 
Tankless Models: TK-X3, TK-C, TK-U, TK-P, TCT, T-H3, T-M50
● Noritz :  
Tankless Models: EZ, EZTR, NC, NCC, NR, NRC, NRCB, NRCR
● Rheem : 
Models: RTGH-S/SR, Prestige RTGH, TK-808NR-REV
● Bradford-White : 
Water Heaters: RTG-L-199-N1
Boiler: BMFTHW
● Bosch : 
Tankless Water Heaters: Greentherm 9000 Series, Therm Series
Electric tankless: Tronic 6000C, Tronic 3000 2R, Tronic 3000 US12