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Rinnai i120 Combi Boiler


Combi-boilers are the hidden gems of tankless technology!

Combination tankless hot water heater and boiler systems, better known as “Combi-boilers” or “tankless boilers” (which is much easier to say) are modern, fuel-efficient gas or electric boilers that work with a tankless hot water heater to provide immediate on-demand hot water AND hydronic heating.  

Combi-boilers combine heating and domestic hot water in a single unit. These units are almost always wall-mounted and offer significant space savings when replacing both a hot water tank and a bulky boiler. Our clients often shrink the utility room and enlarge their living space after installing a combi-boiler.

Blue Conservation will assist with sizing the system appropriately for your home or business needs. Heating equipment should be with you for close to 20 years. Thus, it makes sense to choose equipment that is sized for your current and future needs, and that carries a reliable brand name unit for quality, reliability and efficiency.        

Of course, we can assist you with selection, installation and service of separate boiler units and tankless hot water heaters if that is your preference.

Considerations for Selecting a Boiler or Combi-Boiler

High-Efficiency Boilers are available in wall-mounted or standing floor units. Combi-boilers offer high-efficiency service for your home heating needs. These units are often smaller and up to 20% more efficient than traditional boilers (and they are getting more efficient all the time).  

When selecting a Combi-Boiler  or Boiler Equipment, consider the following:

  • Energy efficiency – Energy Star® Certified
  • Size Unlike traditional tanks that simply heat a large vat of water, tankless heats only what’s required on demand. Ensuring your unit is sized properly can save you money and meet the demands of your home.
  • Space Savings- Tankless units are about 66% smaller than traditional boilers and being wall mounted frees up considerable space that can be used for living or storage.
  • Cost Savings- Tankless boilers and combi-boilers save money because they are ultra efficient.
  • Noise- These systems may be installed at any convenient location (with utility access) in the home or business because of how quiet they are.
  • Manufacturer Warranties: Having the full confidence of a great warranty offers peace of mind for both the consumer and the contractor. Compare brand names and warranties and hire an experienced contractor. Improper installation can void your warranty, so ensure that your installer is a licensed professional.
  • Optional Feature – Wi-Fi / Remote Control Availability  

Considerations for Selecting a Boiler or Combi-Boiler Contractor (like Blue Conservation)

Experience First!  Combi-boilers are a specialized technology requiring knowledge of both tankless hot water and boiler mechanics and an understanding of how these systems work together for optimal on-demand performance. To get the most from your equipment, select a knowledgeable contractor like Blue Conservation. We have completed numerous installations and provided consulting and repair work for others’ mistakes. Make sure your equipment functions optimally the first time you start it up.  In order to achieve the highest value and satisfaction from your new combi-boiler, minimize equipment service and maximize your space savings.   

Customer Service Matters:  When you are selecting  equipment,  planning for and installing your boiler or combi-boiler, and even after the installation, questions about operating or servicing your unit may arise. There’s comfort in knowing that the contractor you select is available by phone or text at (484) 469–0718.  At Blue Conservation, our customers are a part of our community and we believe in assisting our neighbors.     

Commitment to Long-term Value: Getting the most value from your equipment means periodically providing recommended service. Proof of proper service may also be required should you need to file a warranty claim.  While the manufacturer’s recommended service will vary by model and manufacturer, the general rule of thumb is to provide routine service every 12 months and a more extensive boiler service every four years. 

Assistance with Rebates and Warranties: We register every unit on your behalf with the manufacturer to secure your warranty. In addition, there are grants, subsidies and tax credits available for upgrades to high-efficiency models in many areas. Select a contractor who is willing to provide you with equipment and the documentation you need to take advantage of the rebate programs in your area.

Boilers for Multi-family Residential and Assisted Living

Residential building owners and property managers look to implement long-lasting, energy-efficient systems for conserving water and reducing energy costs. When they want the best service AND the best tankless boiler and hot water equipment, they contact Blue Conservation.  Our expertise in tankless boilers provides the knowledge and expertise needed to implement systems from just a few thousand BTUs to several million, serving a wide range of residential and multi-family applications.  

Consider the benefits: 

  • Reduce Energy Consumption- A typical condensing boiler is 95% efficient; going tankless reduces energy costs by 50%.
  • Redundancy- Multiple units can be stacked to provide valuable back-up to maintain all hot water and energy
  • Modulating Systems- From 10,000 BTU to 5 million, Tankless Systems have a 20:1 turndown ratio.
  • Combustion Exhaust- With higher efficiency comes a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, resulting in a more environmentally friendly system.
  • Risk Reduction- With no water storage, there is less risk of water leaking, which not only wastes water, but may also result in a loss of service or, worse, extensive property damage.
  • Trouble-Free Maintenance- Systems are designed to be serviced and have parts that can be replaced in the field.
  • Minimal Footprint- Units are small and require much less space than traditional tank systems.

Electric Boilers  are rapidly gaining popularity as a low-carbon alternative for heat and hot water. They are especially popular in commercial facilities and in European markets, where homes are smaller and energy prices have been rapidly rising. A few companies, such as  Steible-Eltron and Argo, manufacture and distribute electric boilers for the US markets. As of 2022, a lower supply and evolving technology lengthens the ROI period on these units, but we expect that future rebates and incentives will level the playing field.  Stay tuned.      

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