Tankless Water Heaters for Residential, Multi-family and Assisted Living Facilities

When was the last time you thought about hot water in your home?  Hopefully, you haven’t in a long time. Reliable hot water is something most of us take for granted. 

However,  if your answer to this question is similar to some of our customers’ responses below, contact Blue Conservation. We will get you the hot water you want, when and where you want it. 

“We have teenagers (or guests) and often run out of hot water.”

“I’m worried about my hot water tank cracking and flooding…”

“I need to service or replace my hot water heater- quickly!.”

“My energy bill is too high and I need to reduce it.”

Blue Conservation provides service and installation for water and energy-saving solutions that improve the comfort of your home. Whether you own your home, or live in a condo, assisted living, or a multi-family residence, we will answer your questions and provide installation and service for the high-efficiency tankless water heater, boiler and combi-boiler unit you select. All of the equipment we install comes with a manufacturer’s warranty and is installed by Blue Conservation’s trained technicians. 

Our experienced field technicians always operate with integrity and put customer service first. Our “no commission” policy means you don’t have a salesperson pressuring you or trying to talk you into upgrades you don’t need. And as a bonus, safety and cleanliness are just as much our priority as yours. 

Being friendly and responsive is important, and so is affordability. Most of our equipment qualifies for rebates offered by the government and utility companies. If there’s a rebate you are interested in, let us know and we will assist you with obtaining the documentation. Requirements and deadlines vary by state and change often. For more information, visit our resources page.



Multi-family homes and condominiums

Since an extended disruption of hot water results in irate residents, ensuring on-demand hot water ranks among the top priorities of landlords and facility managers. Our landlord, property and  facility manager customers value equipment reliability and redundancy, while demanding energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. Our talented service technicians are up to the challenge, having provided numerous retrofit installations for existing multi-family dwellings. 

Once installed, tankless units are easily and quickly serviced, reducing maintenance costs. 


Assisted living homes

Hot water for sanitation and hydronic heat are of the utmost importance in assisted living facilities.  A hybrid “tankless” system that combines instant on-demand water heating with a storage tank (or tanks) is often the correct choice, enabling facilities to handle peak demand and securing additional savings during off hours.

As with other multi-residential living facilities, incorporating redundancies to virtually eliminate downtime outside of planned maintenance is a necessity. However, controlling operational costs is also important for any business. Redundancy shouldn’t mean installing expensive equipment that only gets used in an emergency. With a tankless water heater system, your equipment is right-sized. Assisted living facility managers have realized significant savings and lowered maintenance costs with freeing up additional revenue for patient care or activities.

When you are responsible for the health and safety of the aging residents, call the contractor known throughout the Mid-Atlantic for specializing in tankless hot water service and installation. Blue Conservation provides service first.

Whether your project is large or small, Blue Conservation will manage the tankless water heating system installation (including ventilation and drainage, as required), to provide building owners, managers and their residents with supply redundancy, on demand hot water and energy efficiency, while meeting the peak demand requirements of your building.  

To learn more, call Blue Conservation today