Tankless Water Heaters for Commercial / Industrial / Manufacturing Facilities

Business owners like to work with Blue Conservation for our rapid responsive service, our commitment to return on Investment (ROI), and over 12 years of experience with tankless water heaters, boilers and combi-boilers.  We understand the specific hot water demands of our commercial customers and look forward to solving challenging design and awkward location requirements.  We work directly with the manufacturer’s engineering team to provide system design consultation and the optimal solution to meet your project goals.

Water-intensive businesses require reliable, efficient and durable hot water equipment in order to consistently meet hot water demand on a daily basis, keep their businesses running smoothly, and keep their customers happy. Blue Conservation is experienced in designing, installing and servicing tankless water heaters for commercial, industrial and manufacturing applications.

Critical considerations for commercial tankless hot water tankless solutions include: 

  • Efficient, reliable, and durable equipment
  • Near instant and “endless” hot water
  • Cost effectiveness – Tankless systems may cost up to 33% less than the leading traditional commercial hot water storage tanks on the market.
  • Space savings– Increase hot water volume without the additional cost and space requirements of large commercial tanks or separate utility rooms for hot water management.
  • Service and Maintenance Requirements- Blue Conservation is a dedicated service provider for all major tankless water heater brands.

Do you have an existing tankless hot water or combi-boiler system that isn’t working the way you think it should?
Or, is it not generating the savings you expected?

Reach out to Blue Conservation for an equipment installation audit, assessment or design consultation. With over a decade of experience that includes all name brand models of tankless water heaters, we will quickly diagnose if there is an issue and recommend a course of action, or present options for your consideration. Our no-commission, no-pressure sales policy applies. However, you are welcome to request a quote.  

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Commercial Facilities Experience Includes


Breweries have extensive hot water requirements, from brewing process to tank sanitation and routine cleaning. Our tankless water heater solutions are a cost-effective way to meet your hot water needs.


Hotels have high demand for hot water for cleaning and guest comfort that can fluctuate greatly depending on the time of day. We have experience in installing commercial-grade rack systems utilizing an engineer-specified number of tankless units to meet hotel demand. Hybrid tankless water heating systems combine instant water heating with a storage tank to meet periods of peak water demand, while providing energy savings during off hours.

Hair Salons

Hair Salons demand hot water all day, every day. Tankless systems can be scaled to the perfect temperature for the best customer experience. The availability of “endless” hot water in a space-saving device is an absolute game-changer when it comes to hot water solutions for salons and barber shops.

Gym - Fitness

Gym and Fitness Facilities require hot water for sanitation and showers and may have heated swimming pools. There is a near-constant demand for hot water, especially during peak hours. A single tankless water heater can heat 10 or more gallons per minute with no hot water recovery time. With high-capacity, on-demand hot water, your customers will always have a hot shower waiting for them.


Restaurants use hot water for cooking, dish washing, cleaning and sanitation. Tankless water heaters with point-of-use systems where necessary will save space, save energy and, most of all, deliver hot water to meet simultaneous demands.

Commercial Boiler Service and Installation by Blue Conservation

The Benefits of tankless boilers:

  • Easily accessible equipment that requires infrequent maintenance.
  • Contribute to meeting water-, carbon- and energy-use-reduction goals,
  • Provide a return on investment (ROI) superior to traditional boilers over the lifespan of the equipment.
  • Offer cost-effective options for redundancy-reducing downtime.  

Commercial/industrial business owners and purchasing managers understand the benefits of installing durable, reliable, low-maintenance tankless water heating and boiler equipment. Equally important is having a knowledgeable contractor who is readily reachable for planned (or unplanned) service, not just a one-time installation. With over 12 years of dedicated tankless experience, you know Blue Conservation will be here to answer your questions and service your boiler for the lifespan of your boiler.     

While the Blue Conservation team certainly provides installation and service, for commercial projects we recommend involving a tankless equipment expert earlier in the process. Reach out to us for general tankless equipment consultation or a review of preliminary design plans, including mechanical and gas/electrical connections, and to assess ventilation and drainage.

For larger projects, we work directly with the manufacturer’s engineering and technical sales team to provide turn-key design and installation solutions for brand name equipment. Our experience includes the ability to modulate tankless boiler systems from just a few thousand BTUs to several million over a wide range of applications. If you are a restaurant chain, brewery, hotel, laundromat, fitness facility or other commercial business that wants to purchase and install a cost-effective, easily maintained, and long-lasting boiler that is water and energy efficient, contact Blue Conservation today.  

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