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Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) HVAC Monitoring

Blue Conservation is proud to offer the US Energy Group’s BEMS. This is a comprehensive and cost-effective energy management system will reduce energy costs in a single building, or a portfolio of residential and commercial properties.

The software allows you to manage energy usage of your buildings through a real-time, Web-based interface that enables the conservation of oil, gas, water, and electrical resources. Every installation is customized to address your specific goals and challenges, whether you’re a residential building owner who wants to save money on oil, or an engineer who needs real-time data to monitor and control boiler function.

Energy-Efficient Solutions for Centrally Heated & Cooled Buildings

US Energy Group's Building Energy Management System gives property owners and managers the easy-to-interpret data they need to conserve energy usage in their buildings. Our energy management software features real-time, web-based monitoring and control, enabling the conservation of oil, gas, water and electric resources in inefficient centrally heated and cooled buildings.

Real-Time Energy Management Data You Can Use

Critical building energy data is available through USE Manager™, our energy management dashboard featuring Real-Time Portfolio Monitoring (RPM). View in real-time a concise summary of energy consumption or drill down for detailed reporting of boiler function, oil tank levels, interior temperatures and more. Use this information to make short- and long-term decisions that impact operational costs, respond to alerts, and precisely track the energy performance of your buildings through a single interface.

  • Monitor and control of HVAC system data
  • Monitor oil, gas, water and electric resources
  • Payback in as little as one season
  • Preventative maintenance in the form of system alerts and identification of potential issues in advance
  • Real-time monitoring and control for your building portfolio
  • Federal and local cash reimbursement for installing energy efficient solutions

Energy efficient buildings will help build your bottom line – from reduced energy and maintenance costs, to higher resale values. There are also a range of energy efficiency subsidies available through state and federal programs that can help lower your out-of-pocket expenses. Contact us today to learn how you can run your buildings more efficiently.

Contact us today to implement an energy management system, and run your buildings more efficiently.

More information on US Energy Group and its energy conservation solutions can be found on the corporate Web site,

Energy Savings Solutions

Save by implementing energy conservation measures today! At Blue Conservation, we provide only the highest-performing ROI-based solutions.

Tankless Heating and Hot Water Systems 

Blue Conservation has a dedicated team of trained specialists who can specify, install, and service your Tankless System.  Since we only do Tankless, we are the Tankless Specialists!
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Low-E Performance Window Film

Low-E window film will enhance any commercial or residential building to improve energy efficiency, and safety and security. As an authorized Llumar dealer, Blue Conservation offers a free on-site energy audit. Learn more about Low-E window film for your home or business.