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High Efficiency Lighting

LED Solid State Lighting and Other High Efficiency Lighting Technologies for Commercial, Industrial, and Outdoor Stationary Applications

Wider use of energy efficient lighting technologies already available today would lead to huge energy savings. A range of government incentives and other programs currently exist to encourage lighting retrofits in existing facilities as well as to lead developers to install efficient lighting in new projects. In addition, government and industry are investing significant resources into the development of even more efficient and better performing lighting technologies.

This Pike Research report describes the key technology and market trends that are driving the use of LED and other high-efficiency lighting in the Commercial, Industrial and Outdoor Stationary sectors. The report analyzes the performance requirements for a number of lighting applications and assesses the suitability of various current and future lighting technologies for these applications. It also includes a 10-year forecast for lamp and luminaire sales in the U.S. across 10 different lighting technology categories in seven major building types and application sectors. In addition, the report includes SWOT analyses of 16 key industry players.

Key questions addressed:

  • What is the size of the U.S. commercial lamp and luminaire market through 2020?
  • Which lighting technologies will see sales growth or declines over that period?
  • Which building types and lighting applications will be the most significant targets for various lighting technologies?
  • What are the market trends driving the adoption of energy efficiency in general, and energy efficient lighting in particular, in commercial markets?
  • What are the lighting requirements of applications that determine the suitability of a lighting technology?
  • What factors are currently influencing the adoption of LED lighting and how will this progress over time?
  • What are some of the key market players, including governments, doing to influence the development and adoption of more efficient lighting technologies?

Who needs this report?

  • Lighting equipment manufacturers
  • LED manufacturers and other suppliers to the lighting industry
  • Commercial and industrial building owners and managers
  • Architecture and design firms
  • Electric utilities
  • Energy efficiency program administrators
  • Energy service companies (ESCOs)
  • Energy regulators and policy makers
  • Standards development organizations
  • Investor community

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